ViTel Consulting focuses on the deployment of fibre and wireless networks in rural areas to sustain economic growth and community development.

About ViTec Consulting

We add significant value to project delivery through a high-quality structured project management process that is standardised, repeatable and reliable. Good project management benefits from a structured approach to project delivery, with clearly defined roles, a structured life-cycle and supporting processes. Repeatability of the project process speeds up the project initiation phase ensuring stakeholders and teams clearly understand expectations allowing projects to be delivered ahead of time and under budget.

Clients we serve

Rural Municipalities

Service Providers

Public Saftey Agencies

Wireless Integrators

ViTel Consulting serves rural municipalities, service providers, public safety agencies, and wireless integrators, with a full range of Project Management services including:

Tower Site Acquisition and Construction
Tower Maintenance, Co-Location, and Administration
Tower Database
Rural Fibre Economic Studies
Government Funding Assistance